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Connecting the Dots

MusicStartsHere has been helping songwriters, artists, musicians, producers, and industry professionals make connections since 2010.

Will Carter

CEO and Co-Founder

As the Founding Member and Chief Executive Officer of Music Starts Here, creating and cultivating multi-effectual, win-win cultures of collaboration, elevation and excellence at both a company and community level are the primary driving force for Will’s pay-it-forward entrepreneurial spirit. His 15 years of investment real estate, financial planning, and start-up business development paired with...Read More

Adam Melcher

CTO and Co-Founder

As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of MusicStartsHere, maintaining a positive user experience and providing real value to every member are some of Adam's top priorities. He's had a front-row seat to the "Nashville Grind" watching his daughter follow her path as an artist and songwriter so he's seen the ups and downs of navigating the music business. His passion and commitment for providing...Read More

Doak Turner

CMO and Co-Founder

As the Director of Marketing for Music Starts Here, nobody understands the "unwritten" rules of living and working in Nashville better than Doak Turner. Since arriving to Nashville in 2002, Doak has gone above and beyond just being a songwriter. From hosting the famous "3rd Sundays" 112 months in a row from 2003 - 2012 at his home (attracting hundreds on songwriters at each event) and (7) Guitar...Read More