Will this be the end of NASHVILLE SIDE STREETS?

As of this posting, last Saturday's show with our guests, Sour Mash String Band, reached more than 5600 people, received over 1700 views on Facebook, and was shared to more than 30 other Facebook pages. The traffic on the Watch Live page at http://www.nashvillesidestreets.com/watchlive.html rated this show among the most watched of our broadcasts.

We APPRECIATE and love every last one of you who ever viewed, commented, liked, subscribed, or shared one of our videos. We know that without you all, we would not have the success that we have had.

We would LOVE to continue broadcasting LIVE worldwide, to present all the wonderful talent we have found all over the globe. A number of the artists we've presented have traveled great distances, as did Sour Mash, to be on our show.

We are flattered and grateful to them all.

We have personally financed Nashville Side Streets, by ourselves, for the last 4 and a half years. The financial end of it has become greater each year, with costs increasing and needing to continually upgrade our equipment in order to broadcast the same high quality as we have been all along. It is now at about 5K to 8K a year to keep us broadcasting. We can no longer continue broadcasting in this manner without underwriters or sponsors.

We have just 3 shows left on our schedule. We will not be able to schedule more shows after this without sponsorship. We will be shutting down the show and moving our studio to a new location to continue producing our own videos or those of anyone who would like to rent studio time and have us produce a video for themselves.

Check out our archives: http://www.nashvillesidestreets.com/showarchives.html

Shutting down the show will be a very sad time for us, as we have had so much fun and have learned so much and met so many cool people. If anyone out there knows anyone who has a passion for what we do and would like to become a sponsor and help us keep Nashville Side Streets alive, have them contact us @: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone @: 615-859-5523.

Again, we thank you all for your support.

Ronnie Dean producer

Nancy Hanson co-producer

Nashville Side Streets

"In this house you're never alone because music makes this house its home."

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