Tribute to Rich Fagan from Nashville Side Streets

About 2 years ago we had Rich Fagan on our show, Nashville Side Streets. It was easy to see that he had a lot of talent. He brought his wife Rose with him, who sat behind the scenes with my wife, who ran the show.

We have been fortunate enough to bring in talent from all over the world & it was easy to see that Richard was himself and was at ease in front of the cameras. As the host, I always try to tap into people's spirits with the interviewing portion of the show. He was not afraid to express the good & bad in his life & talk about both.

He expressed his battle with cancer and was, at that time, in remission. I found him to be enlightened towards his belief in God & he carried his faith well.

Richard was a great writer & had many famous people record his music, but I think he was much more than just a successful writer. He had lived enough of life to realize that you are not going to be liked by everyone & was more at peace with his own spirit than most.

We are going to post his whole show later on in its entirety, but here are a few cuts from that show:


So here's to Richard Fagan, a man who knew himself well & lived beyond the confinements of the world.


Ronnie Dean & Nancy Hanson