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Over the past few weeks I have posted each of the seven characteristics shared by the most successful people in the music industry: Patience, Presence, Passion, Perseverance, Proactivity, Positive and Prayer. Each of the seven Ps are linked together, like real peas in a pea pod, and become part of a single entity that creates the solid platform for success. If you missed any of those seven posts, you can go back and find them at

Despite what some people might promise you (in exchange for money, of course) there are no guarantees of success in the music business, any more than there are in any other career.

But what I have found, beyond doubt, is that those who commit to developing their own 'pod' of the Seven Ps definitely put the odds of success in their favor.

A singer-songwriter who embodies the "Seven Ps" is Luke Bryan. He was born in the rural Georgia town of Leesburg and knew from an early age that music was to be his life. When he was 19, he was finalizing a move to Nashville but, just as he was about to leave, his older brother Chris was tragically killed in a car accident.His plans were put on hold as he struggled to deal with the sudden loss.

Luke's father, Tommy Bryan, knew that Luke had to move on with his life despite the wrenching grief, and encouraged him to load his guitar into his truck and drive to Music City. Once there, Luke was determined to be a success in his chosen career, writing and co-writing at every opportunity.His determination soon led to a publishing deal and he co-wrote songs recorded by Travis Tritt and Billy Currington, among others.

Perseverance paid off

Luke's perseverance paid off when he was signed to a recording contract by Capitol, and "All My Friends Say," the lead-off single from his debut album, peaked at number 5 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

He was on his way and was invited to appear at the Grand Ole Opry. His older sister, Kelly, rounded up more than 100 people from their hometown to travel to Nashville and cheer him on. But once again, life threw him a tragic curve: just a few days after that exhilarating event, Kelly suddenly passed away from an undetermined cause.

Such tragedies might derail a lesser person, but Luke found strength from his faith and knew that his siblings wouldn't want him to give up. Before long, he was back on track with a string of hit albums and Number One singles, and his achievements brought him recognition with dozens of nominations and awards from the CMA, the ACM, CMT, the Billboard Music Awards and more.

Luke Bryan has always kept his eyes on the prize.He has always been proactive in his career, making things happen rather than waiting for them to happen and he has patiently persevered even when life seemed to be stacked against him. He has developed and maintained a positive attitude, determined to find a way around each roadblock in his path. By living "The Seven Ps," he was fully prepared to reach out and seize the opportunity when it appeared before him, strengthened by an unshakable faith.

"From my dad, I learned to be good people, to always be honest and straightforward. I learned hard work and perseverance."

-- Luke Bryan

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The Eighth P: Preshias Harris

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