If you're a singer/front person, you need to know how to use a mic stand in your show. A stand, just like a mic or a stool, is a great tool to use for some songs, and if used correctly, can really make a visual impact.

First of all, make sure you secure a straight mic stand with a round base.Very important that it's not a tripod stand as they won't move the way you need them to…but back to that later.

Let's say you have a song that's a slow or mid tempo on the verse, then gets more intense on the chorus. Here's an example of what you might do with the stand. Just before you sing the first verse, step up to the stand but don't touch it at all.Instead, use your hands to express what you're singing about, and use your angles to connect with the audience on either side of the room.

Between the verse and chorus grab onto the mic (leaving it in the stand) with one hand (2 hands look clutch-y and nervous…much cooler with one hand only, and holding onto the mic instead of down on the stand), then step to the right or left with either a slide step or cross step move, and pull the stand over in front of you to sing.

Stay in that position – with the exception of adjusting your feet if you need to – and sing the chorus from there, paying attention to making eye contact with a few different people or sections of the crowd. One hand on the mic, one hand used to express yourself.

When you have space between lines where you're not singing, pull the mic/stand away from your mouth*, then pull it back in to sing. That way the audience can SEE when you're about to sing and are ready to hear it. (*Same principal as when you are holding the mic and you drop it down when you're not singing.)

After the chorus, while staying where you are, stretch your arm back and release the stand to upright position…then walk away for a bit. When it's time for the 2nd verse, walk back up to the mic and sing. This would be a great place to double the turnaround after chorus one, to leave some space and give you time to 'regroup'.

For verse 2, you could either leave the stand alone or hold onto the mic with one hand.For the 2nd chorus, step away from the stand again, but on the other side to change it up.I mentioned the round base earlier…if you try to pull a tripod stand toward you, you'll find it's pretty tough to do…next to impossible to look graceful, unless by chance it's positioned just right.Just try it to see what I mean. There's no comparison to the round based ones.

Now, if there's a bridge that builds after chorus 2, you might want to take the mic out of the stand. If you do this, be sure to put the stand BEHIND you a bit so you're not walking around it for the rest of the song.If you put it back to your left, walk away to the right, and Vis versa. At the following chorus, walk to another point onstage.

This is just one idea in how to use the mic stand.  To see the video of what I'm talking about, click here; http://onstagesuccess.com/2017/07/mic-stand-cool-tool/  and you'll be taken to the Vlog on our website (onstagesuccess.com). 

I'll be doing a follow up blog or webinar soon on this topic, so let me know if you have specific questions about this!