1. OPEN YOUR MOUTH.. I call it 'jaw yoga'. Slowly open your mouth to the count of 5, hold 5, slowly close to a count of 5. Do this stretch with a slow, easy motion, to increase flexibility of your jaw and release the tension of the day. (Show your top teeth but not bottom teeth.) Some singers carry a lot of jaw tension, have tight or 'rock-hard' jaw muscles, restricted jaw movements, even various levels of TMJ. Some types of tension, clicks, etc., can be relieved by going through the range of motion of the jaw like this. I've know many singers, including myself, who have gained smooth range of jaw motion from doing this.

2. SMILE… Show your top teeth. Focusing on the teeth gives you a clear, focused resonance, allows you to be in a good mood, encourages the breathing focus to be with the nose as well as mouth. Helps 'e' vowels to be easier when you sing.

3. SING…. Sing along with the radio or your favorite music you have along with you. Just to put you in a happy mood, get warmed up— placement, range, rhythm, confidence, etc. Sometimes it's better to sing what you like to sing for fun when you not performing, (unless you prefer to sing songs you will be singing on your gig). This puts you in the zone of realizing why people like music so much.. to relax, to get away, feel good. It helps remind you that when you get to your gig, you will bring that to your own audience, as well.

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