Nashville Hospitality: Finding a new home

I just finished my first-ever visit to Music City and am already booking a ticket back.  I am in love!  It blows my mind how supportive and cooperate the spirit of the town is.

I think I met about two dozen people at the CD Baby DIY Musician conference this weekend, including many Nashville natives, who were as eager to hear about my goals and craft as I was to hear about their company and the music they create.  I have a Spotify playlist now packed with new artists I'll be binge-streaming!

Now certainly, I'm fully aware that within the cooperative spirit is the reality that no one "makes it" in Nashville without years of hard work, contributions to the community, and persevering after many others have given up and packed their bags.  

It's been that way for me here in Salt Lake (where I've lived the past five years), and I think that's true of any community.  But what I love is that unlike LA or New York, there's more of a spirit of friendship and connectedness in Nashville than I've seen elsewhere.

Thanks to Will, Tina, Adam, Tenille, Doak, and everyone else from MSH for such a warm welcome when I was in Nashville.  I'll be back in just over a month, and I look forward to becoming a regular contributor to the Nashville community!

-Jason Lyle Black

Instrumental pianist, composer, musical comedian, and variety show act.  See more about me at as you like.  I am currently based in Salt Lake, relocating to Nashville part-time in October.  Full-time job is providing musical comedy entertainment and motivational speaking for companies and association events.  Just attempted my first experience with hot chicken and lived to tell about it!