Music…. Knowledge and Education

The title of this story has to do with a part of the music business that has been duping people into believing there is only one way to market songs for TV, films and for general distribution. I am tired of hearing horror stories of music artists who have signed contract deals that lock them up for years with only a small pittance of money returned to them, when in reality, the labels themselves are making fortunes off of them from the beginning. The initial investment made by the label to get the artist off the ground is astronomical and that excuse is always given to the artist in regards to an immediate profit return, but the artist pays for that initial investment and the label takes immediate profits from the beginning of the transaction.

I am here to tell you that if you want to change the music industry as it stands today, the only way is through likeminded thinkers who believe that music is more than a dollar sign. Give back to those who create and not those who market with every gimmick known to man and the cream will always rise to the top. It will let the public see that what they are seeing and hearing on radio and TV, is only what the industry of music can control, which is only a millionth of a percent of the talent that actually exists out there.

​Market from the Internet and take advantage of the new economic ways to record your own music and sell it. This way, you will keep more of the profits in your own hand and you will better understand that great music is truly a gift. The American public as well as UK and Canada, is just beginning to open their eyes and pocketbooks to independent music artists and they are also beginning to see the difference in gifted talent that is not generated with tons of money behind it. So support your indie labels and give the real talent of this world a chance to take back what rightfully belongs to them. RD