7 Steps For Creating New Years Goals For Music Career Success

As a new year begins so do all the plans artists and musicians have for their careers. They hope to have more gigs on the calendar, more fans, make more money and overall feel a sense of pride and ownership in their music. Maybe you are starting out this year feeling a little defeated from last year or maybe you were on top of the world and want to keep the momentum. The big question is, do you know where you are headed? Do you have tangible goals set in place? 

Maybe you are sick and tired of hearing about goal setting. I get it, it may sound like hocus pocus stuff. The truth is that everyone needs a plan. Not too many of us set out on a vacation not knowing where we are headed, what motel we will be staying at, what we will do when we get there, who we are going with....... you get the idea. Anything worth doing in life is worth knowing what we want the result to look like.

Maybe you are like my husband and you hate making plans because they don't often turn out like you hoped. I get that too however, even when we make a plan that doesn't work out detail for detail how we had envisioned, it still gives us an end goal to work towards. Any good business knows that they must change and make decisions along the way because nothing turns out exactly like you envisioned but there's always a goal. While I think plans are good, I'm not talking about a plan, we can get into that another time. What I'm talking about is a goal.

Here Are 7 Steps to Creating Goals That Get Results

Here's a quick example: A goal of, "I want more gigs this year" does not serve the purpose we need to get results. It's too open ended and not specific enough. How do you measure that, achieve it, when is it completed, does that excite you?

Instead create a goal such as, "I want to be playing 12 gigs a month paying at least $1,200 in 6 different states by the end of the year". Now that's defined! You can create smaller goals to keep you motivated as you work toward your end goal. Maybe it doesn't feel achievable if you are currently playing 3 gigs a month for free but you'd be surprised by what having a defined goal with actionable steps and mini goals can do for achieving what seems impossible.

Look to create 5-10 specific goals this year and take off running with the best year yet for your music.