Keep your energy up. You may think this is obvious advice and with a roll of your eyes, be thinking; of course I'd keep my energy up. Yet, you'd be surprised and I caution you against underestimating the power that comes from preparing this skill in advance.

Rehearsing with enthusiasm can go a long way. Training yourself to perform with energy also goes a long way. And practicing to maintain a good attitude most definitely goes a long way.

Remember to smile, because… you got this

If you watched Mariah Carey's performance New Year's Eve 2017, you noticed that it was riddled with technical challenges. (Heck, I'm not throwing shade; Mariah is my idol!)

No one knows exactly what went wrong up there except for her and the crew. And yet, to my surprise, she chose to focus her energy on what was going wrong, instead of using her vast experience—and the platform of a world stage—to create a positive spin.

Regardless of the sound complications, she could have displayed enthusiasm and excitement through both her voice and body language.