ADDENDUM: “Will this be the end…?”

We want everyone to know how proud we are of our studio and the success we've had. We have heard many compliments about our quality broadcasts; we've heard the words "awesome sound" from almost everyone who has been to our studio.

We've had folks come from all over the US—from New England to Florida, Texas, California, Washington state, and everywhere in between. Our list of international guests has overwhelmed us. Here is where our guests have come from:
Spain, Russia, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Finland, Columbia, Venezuela, Thailand, & Australia. And, of course, plenty from right here in Nashville. We've had several "well-knowns" on the show as well, and we have been sought after by the likes of America's Got Talent, many promoters, agents, and publicists from large and small companies.

We give you this in hope it is clear that our dream of presenting unknown extraordinary talent has been corroborated by the response we've had and, therefore, how much it saddens us that we will have to let go of that part of the dream due only to a lack of funds….There is more to this dream, and perhaps it is time for us to fire that up and put our hearts into new directions. We hope many will continue to follow us as we present our own videos with our own tunes, blogs, & photos, all to share.Again, thank you to all. We would not have had any success at all if not for all the support we have received.