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Since we started Nashville Side Streets, the undiscovered talent amazes me more than I thought it would.


Some of these artists and songwriters are extraordinary and I believe that if enough are seen worldwide, it will start a new movement or avenue where these people can show the world what is wrong with “the business of music” as it is today.


You don’t need all the media hoopla if you can be seen and heard worldwide and again, the Internet is leveling the playing ground.


Check out the show as we bring on new talent from around the world. We are going to keep exposing these people to the general public so that they all get the recognition they deserve and maybe together, we can change what people think about music and get back to raw, real talent and “music from the heart”. 


We started this show to expose talent that was as good as, if not better than, what was heard and seen on the radio and TV today and now they are truly coming out of the woodwork to prove our theory correct. We will be airing in a new UK time zone soon as well as our CST time………..Ronnie and Nancy


Be sure to check out our “Archives” clips>     http://www.nashvillesidestreets.com/showarchives.html

and watch the live show on our “Watch Live” page at the top of our home page>  http://www.nashvillesidestreets.com/watchlive.html...


 There is a link there to up and coming artists as well> http://www.nashvillesidestreets.com/schedule.html


Contact us at 615-859-5523 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Look for our Nashville Side Streets van around Nashville as well as other nearby cities and states as we go out to seek (unique) talent and stop by and say hello.


Producer Ronnie Dean

Co-Producer Nancy Hanson