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Our music productions have been playing for 20 years on ABC, CBS, NBC, DISNEY, HBO, and FOX. WE produce music for label artists, major film companies, Madison Avenue Ads, singers and songwriters World-wide.

We produce commercially competitive broadcast quality music for artists, songwriters & companies world-wide. We make Great Music for Great People. Check out the before and after samples; listen to songwriter tapes and how the broadcast quality master turned out. Find out more about us in the FAQ page and the About Us info. Read what our clients have to say about recording with us. Get insider tips from the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film and TV conference; sign up for our occasional newsletter (about once every 2 or 3 months) filled with info on how to get cuts, artist pitches, timely special deals and more.
1005 Blythe Ct W
Nashville, TN 37221
(615) 662-5643