Creative Caffeine Nashville Recording Studio

A recording studio based in Nashville, TN where the creativity brews and the music is warm!
Creative Caffeine Studio still does the analog thing, but there’s a very good reason.
You certainly don’t have to use our analog setup, and many our clients record all their tracks on digital to save a couple of minutes over a 3-hour session. But if you’re concerned about the best sound, starting your project on an analog 2? magnetic tape machine, as our clients do, just makes any song sound better. Instruments like live drums, bass, and acoustic piano, for example, or any other instrument that has the capability of producing low tones, can’t breathe as well in the digital world. Magnetic tape allows the low end to extend another octave lower than a digital recorder can do by itself. That extra octave – you could call it an undertone – can make the difference between your producing a really good track, or something extraordinary. At Creative Caffeine, once you have those basic tracks down on 2? tape they can be quickly transferred in one pass to Pro-Tools through our Lynx Aurora converters where unlimited tracks can be added, tweaked, mixed, and archived. Our engineers are so adept with this process that the minimal extra, well-spent time is negligible. We even supply the analog tape for free.
Our two amazing Rivera Silent Sister guitar amp isolation boxes are a great feature of the studio, as they cut the level of ambient room sound down by about 70% without sacrificing any of the characteristics of your amp. Any guitar amp, from your 15 amp mini to your Marshall stack can be recorded through these boxes’ 12? speakers, which have two mic goose necks each, and can be situated in the same room as a drum kit without producing cross-talk.
At Creative Caffeine we recognize that your songs are your children, your creations. We won’t take you for granted and we don’t look at your creations as crank-it-out “product” like some studios do. We take great care in helping you make your project exactly what you envisioned.
2937 Berry Hill D
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 298-2200