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Bad Bunny Unveils Video For Wistful 'Si Estuviésemos Juntos': Watch

By Billboard

Ah, the 2010s. It was the decade that gave birth to EDM.

Before 2011, no one ever said that acronym, although the roots of a youth movement that would define a generation already took a strong hold. First, Daft Punk blew minds with its Alive 2007 tour. The baton was picked up and ran with by dance punks like Justice and Boys Noize, then it was taken bigger and bolder by rowdy promo king Steve Aoki and Dutch DJ giants such as Afrojack.

Suddenly, Timbaland was making club beats, Lady Gaga and Kesha were bringing club kid weridness to the pop main stage, Skrillex and deadmau5 were getting all kinds of popular and Calvin freaking Harris was DJing the MTV awards. Next thing you knew, Avicii had totally taken over this new thing called EDM, and we were all in for one wild ride.

A lot of those names made some of our favorite tunes of the decade. Some of our favorite songs came from pre-EDM players (or as we like to say, "predm"), and some by outliers of the whole scheme. We laid out our 60 favorite dance songs of the decade in a list that we think is pretty cool, but who cares what we think? We want to know what you think.

Vote below and let the world know what jam you thought dominated the 2010s.


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