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The vid for Chance's DJ Khaled collab doubles as a video game you can actually play.

Chance The Rapper is looking to the next generation for help. A select group of Chicago Public School students were enlisted to learn coding and create projects seeing themselves as superheroes, which has been turned into a computer video game and now doubles as the music video for Chance and DJ Khaled's "I Love You So Much" collaboration.

The video game, titled SuperMe, was released on Wednesday (Dec. 11), and finds users as different students in the form of superheroes flying throughout the city of Chicago. They will attempt to pick up as many hearts as they can in 30 seconds, while the track (from DJ Khaled's 2017 album Grateful) plays in the background to soundtrack each gaming session.

"Seven elementary schools spent a bunch of time creating a game and drawing themselves as superheroes -- that can fly," Chance said in a statement. "A few weeks ago, I saw their incredible work and am so proud of them that I decided their projects should be seen by the entire world… So today, the first day of Computer Science Education Week, I present you with SuperMe, the official video game for ‘I Love You So Much.'"

Play the game here and watch how SuperMe came together below.


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