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By Billboard

After a four-year hiatus, Hot Chelle Rae are officially back together, and the pop-rock group's first song in five years arrived Friday (Nov. 8).

Titled "I Hate LA," the three-minute track features appropriately beachy acoustic guitar over a punchy beat as frontman Ryan Follesé sings about resenting Los Angeles in the wake of a breakup. By the end of the song, though, his taunting ex has left L.A., and suddenly his relationship with the city is restored.

"I Hate LA" includes an irresistibly catchy "la la la" hook that is reminiscent of HCR's breakout smash, 2011's "Tonight Tonight," but with a more refined sound that resulted from the years the group (Ryan Follesé, Nash Overstreet and Jamie Follesé) spent apart pursuing solo projects. But as the band said in a press release, they've been working on Hot Chelle Rae music for the past two years, and "I Hate LA" is only the beginning.

"When we got back together it felt like no time had passed," Hot Chelle Rae added. "We did things different, we took our time, found our voices and really honed in on how we want everything to look and feel. We really think we found a mix between what people loved about us and what people are looking for in music today."

It seems like Hot Chelle Rae doesn't hate L.A. too much, though, as they celebrated their return with a performance at the city's famed Peppermint Club on the eve of the "I Hate LA" release. As one fan in attendance wrote on Instagram, "15 year old me is screaming." Judging by the reaction across social media, that fan is not alone.

Keep an eye out for more from Hot Chelle Rae soon, and forget your ex by jamming to "I Hate LA" below.


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