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Plans to Expand Detroit's Motown Museum Get $2 Million Boost

By Billboard

Given the white hot nature of the artists involved, it should surprise no one that the new video for DJ Snake, Sean Paul and Anitta's "Fuego (Feat. Tainy)" is both literal and figurative fire.

Out today (October 10), the video takes place in a sort of fun house, where the beats are bumping and the lighting makes everyone look sexy. Taking turns on camera, DJ Snake, Sean Paul and Anitta each contribute their own mini-narrative, with Snake dancing around a dark, vaguely wooded area where he hangs with what looks like a wolf and intermittently changes his jacket.

Meanwhile, Sean Paul throws down lyrics from within a tunnel of fire, naturally, while the queen Anitta shimmies and gyrates in a rotation of eye-popping outfits and an ankle-deep pool alongside a posse of exceptionally flexible and seemingly well-oiled dancers. Altogether the effect is slick, shiny and temperature raising.

The hottest part? Watch the video for "Fuego" below and decide for yourself.


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