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'We Maraud Your Ears': In 1993, A Tribe Called Quest's 'Midnight Marauders' Charted a New Course For Rap and R&B

By Billboard

Sub Urban's eerie single "Cradles" has already has been used over a billion times on TikTok, with users dancing a Fortnite-inspired jig to the beat. Now, the song has an official music video, and there's definitely no dancing involved.

The Andrew Donoho-directed clip breathes life into the 19-year-old crooner's nightmares. Sub Urban, born Danny Maisonneuve, sits in a cradle engulfed in flames as the demonic sequence of events begin. Complete with sketches of creepy crawlers surrounding the singer as he lays in bed, Sub Urban laying in his own blood after getting shot by hand emerging from a baby stroller, dancing mannequins and Lucifer himself sitting on a throne, the video is a three-and-a-half minute night terror.

"Cradles" follows the previously-released tune, “Isolate.” Watch the video below, if you dare.


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