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New Music Friday is intense. Hundreds of songs drop from artists around the world, and you're supposed to somehow find the best ones. It's fun work, but it's time-consuming -- so we at Billboard Dance want to give you a hand. Each week, we sift through the streams and dig into the digital crates to present absolute must-hears from the wide breadth of fresh jams.

This week we've got a slick collections of jams spanning the spectrum from weekend-ready funk jams, to polyrhythmic slow burns to a full-on gospel choir belting out house hits. Seriously, you're not going to want to sleep on this installment. Let's dig in.

Romare, "Gone"

U.K. producer Romare returns with his first new project in two years, "Gone," out now via the venerable Ninja Tune. The eight-minute track is an amalgamation of polyrhythmic percusion, a swirl of vocal samples and synths that get turned up so gradually that you get taken off guard when this slow burn transforms into a full-on dance floor affair. Another Romare track, "Danger," is out later this month, with "Gone" fully indicating that this new music was worth the wait. In the meantime, Romare has shows throughout the U.K. and North American into early October. -- KATIE BAIN

Charli XCX, Yaeji & Clairo, “February 2017”

Time heals all wounds, but some broken hearts sting for years. Charli XCX has nursed one spoiled connection since February 2017, and while it sucks to feel crummy, pain can be one of life's greatest muses. This particular hurt works itself out over a dancehall rhythm with spaceship starkness. The beat was produced by PC Music head and frequent Charli collaborator A.G. Cook and French trio Planet 1999. The latest single from her forthcoming album, Charli also includes supporting vocals from DIY-pop songwriter Clairo and Korean-American DJ hero Yaeji. “Collaborating with Yaeji and Clairo was really fun and unique,” XCX is quoted in a press release. “We are all very different artists, but coming together on this song felt so special and right … It’s one of the most intimate moments on the album.” -- KAT BEIN

Bag Raiders, "Back to Myself"

Australian duo Bag Raiders are no newcomers to the scene. The group rose to prominence with 2009 single “Shooting Stars,” an indie-dance jam that quite suddenly became a mega-hit in 2018 when the Internet decided to make it a meme. Glowing with the love, members Jack Glass and Chris Stacey got back in the studio and jammed out sophomore album Horizon, a 12-track mix of laidback vibes that sound about perfect for any poolside party as day turns to magical twilight. “Back to Myself,” featuring fellow Aussie band Tora, is the album cut we can't get out of our heads. It's breezy and seductive, exotic and fantasy-provoking. Float on these easy vibes all night through. -- K. Bein

Rufus du Sol, "Lost In My Mind" (Justin Martin Remix)

Rufus du Sol's excellent 2018 LP Solace gets the full remix treatment, with edits from Gerd Janson, Hot Since 82, Will Clarke and more. Among the standouts is dirtybird mainstay Justin Martin's treatment of "Lost in My Mind," which comes after his previous rework of the Rufus track "Innerbloom" and Martin says he played in every set for more than a year. "Fast-forward to when their last album tour hit the Shrine in LA," Martin gushes in a press release, "they heard I was in the crowd enjoying the show and actually went out of their way to dedicate 'Innerbloom' to me, thanking me for supporting them during their formative years! After the show I went backstage to thank them for the shout-out and they asked me to remix a song off their latest album. Of course I said YES and went on to remix my personal favorite, 'Lost In My Mind.' These guys are not only talented, but they are amazing souls as well. I am so honored, humbled, and excited to be part of this remix project!" -- K. Bain

Sofi Tukker, "Purple Hat"

Sofi Tukker continue their 2019 hot streak with "Purple Hat," which bumps along with a rapid-fire vocal and dirty bass line before Sophie Hawley-Weld slithers on the track with her come-hither voice and the whole operation blows up into a full-on jam session with just enough raunch to make it interesting. The track comes from the duo's forthcoming Dancing on the People EP, out Sept. 20, with the pair continuing their current R.I.P. Shame tour across North America and Europe into late November. -- K. Bain

House Gospel Choir feat. Adelphi Music Factory, “Salvation”

For a lot of people on the dance floor, a mad night out is church. London's 24-piece House Gospel Choir takes that to heart. Founded by creative producer and vocalist Natalie Maddix in 2014, the soulful enesmble came to fame covering songs by Kanye West, Crystal Waters and more. The Choir was recently signed to Island Records and is currently recording a debut album, with studio spottings including Todd Terry, Alex Metric and others. “Salvation” is the group's first original single, and it is beyond energizing. Pounding disco-house production from Adelphi Music Factory gets our blood pumping hard while the angelic voices of the Choir have us testifying to the club lords. Bear witness to this glory, a-freakin-men. -- K. Bein

Moon Boots, "Gary's House"

There's a lot to love about Bimini Road, the new full-length from venerable New York producer Moon Boots. Out now via Anjunadeep, the album in its entirety is a cohesive foray into groovy, delicious, sexy, slinky house. It's music for that part of the night you spend trying on outfits for the party and giving yourself meaningful glances in the mirror before stepping out for the night. Particularly efferevescent is "Gary's House," a cut of classic soul house featuring singer Gary Saxby, which will surely help transport you from your place to the Uber to the dance floor in one funky cut. -- K. Bain


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