Taylor Bennett took his talents to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (July 11) for his first appearance as the musical guest on the late-night show. Accompanied by a smooth live band, Bennett delivered a patriotic performance of the Femdot-assisted "Singing the Blues," which landed on his The American Rejectproject.

Smoke filled the ground as the Chicago native took the stage in a blue "Be Yourself" hoodie and Cubs hat, backed by an American flag graphic. Bennett then gets candid about the state of America today, touching on topics such as race, class, and police brutality, as well as the combative divide between Trump supporters and the president's detractors across the country.

"Cops tryna frisk 'cause they make commission/ Crooked politicians tryna push a lock up out of visions/ I know all decisions, don't you argue with me/ If you a Trump supporter, how you talkin' to me?/ How you arguin' me, tryna bargain with me?/ It ain't my traits to be a traitor," Bennett speedily raps.

Watch Taylor Bennett's performance below.


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