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By Billboard

Your first good rave feels like the initial step in a deep spiritual journey, and L.A.-based duo Elephant Heart must agree with us, because the little rave girl in the video for its single "Lenguas" is the key to ultimate enlightenment.

Elephant Heart is comprised of married couple Jason and Victoria Evigan. The duo is on a mission to spread love and positivity through genre-bending music and world sounds, and "Lenguas" is here to cut through the modern noise and shake your booty to its core.

"We have three versions of ourselves," Elephant Heart tells Billboard Dance in a joint statement, "our enlightened Self (our highest self), our little spirit who knows there is something else who is running to try and find the truth, and the version who is just asleep and needs to be woken up."

All three of these selves are on vibrant display in the "Lenguas" music video. The enlightened self hangs back in the control room, dressed in fine white silks and jewels, watching as the little rave spirit tries to find her way through the maze of capitalist distractions. She's trying to get to the sleeping goddess within, who is surrounded by some pretty stellar animal-human hybrids. The whole video is a feast for the eyes, and a good meditation for the soul. Plus, the groove jams.

"We are all capable of so much," Elephant Heart says. "Inside our minds there is an entire universe. The possibility’s are endless. Our minds are a tool for our souls. It’s job is to protect and guide our souls. The mind can be very tricky though, building walls and protective sytstems that lead us far away from the purity of who we really are.

"The songs has no actual words," the duo continues. "It’s all just spirit language. We hope that it can tap into [your] spirit and be your inner warrior song. A good cry or a loud scream can say a lot of words when no words are spoken. Honestly, just looking into someone’s eyes with no words can say a million. That’s kind of what we were doing with this song. It’s the inner warrior inside me crying out. English isn’t her first language.”

Jason is a producer behind Maroone 5's "Girls Like You" and "What Lovers Do," Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack," Madonna's "Ghosttown" and more, while Victoria provides lyrics, vocals, songwriting and additional production.

"Lenguas" is the third single from a forthcoming Elephant Heart debut album. Step into the labrynth of human consiousness with the music video below.


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