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Lily Allen & Meridian Dan Break Up After 3 Years of Dating

By Billboard

Playboi Carti is one of the most enigmatic characters in all of hip-hop. With just two full-length projects under his belt, he's already developed a cult-like fanbase and has been the subject of an array of memes across social media. Carti covers the summer issue of The Fader, releasedon Wednesday (June 12), where he provides an update on pushing the boundaries of rap via his anticipated sophomore album, plus much more.

"I could be done if I wanted to. I'm just trying to top shit," the Atlanta native says of his forthcoming Whole Lotta Red LP. "I might make the hardest song ever tomorrow." After hearing some of the new music, The Fader's Ben Dandridge-Lemco writes that Carti has "entered a new vocal territory" and has tracks in the stash with Gunna and Trippie Redd.

Apart from his solo album, Cash Carti has a joint project already finished with Metro Boomin'. "I got a whole nother tape with this n---a," he relays of locking in with Metro for a few days during April in Los Angeles to record. "That's why my head's fucked up. This shit could go on my album, but if it goes on the album, then we gotta change the whole thing."

The 22-year-old also believes that no other city is matching Atlanta's output when it comes to hip-hop music. "This is the home of the whole hip-hop," Carti asserts. "N---s ain't fucking with us on this music shit, and I ain't just talking about me. I'm talking about the next n---a that we don't even know about right now, making a song. He's from Atlanta."”

Read the profile in full over at The Fader.


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