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'Rehire James Gunn' Billboard Appears Near Disneyland

By Billboard

With YG gearing up to unleash his 4REAL 4REAL album release on Friday (May 24), the Compton rapper stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (May 23) to keep the "Go Loko" movement going full-speed ahead with yet another lively performance alongside Tyga and Jon Z.

YG brought along a Mariachi band and a few cacti to give the set more of a desert feel. The "Big Bank" rapper strutted in his red slim-fitting suit and snazzy cowboy hat to match, which it seems like he hasn't changed out of since the Mustard and GYLTTRYP-produced single dropped earlier this month.

"Long live Nipsey Hussle. The Marathon Continues," YG stated to finish off the performance. Every member of the audience also received a free copy of the album early. 4REAL 4REAL's artwork pays tribute to YG's late friend. "In loving memory of Nipsey Hussle," the cover reads across the bottom in script.

Watch the Ellen performance below.


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