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Twice Get Bold in Video For 'Fancy': Watch

By Billboard

Stop, collaborate and listen, a song of ice and fire is what you've been missin'.

No spoilers here, but in celebration of Sunday night's (May 19) Game of Thrones finale, of course someone made a mega mash-up of all the main characters from the beloved series rapping the lyrics to Vanilla Ice's 1990 classic "Ice Ice Baby." The hilarious clip, posted by the Joe UK site, finds The Hound grunting, "Turn out the lights/ And I'll glow," with Cersei adding, "To the extreme/ I rock a mic like a vandal," as if Rob Van Winkle wrote the original in High Valyrian.

Whether you liked the finale or not, there's no way you can resist Daenerys rapping about how much she loves a "dope melody." Check out the video below.


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