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The urban genre is constantly growing, and artists like Maluma, Ozuna, J Balvin, Anuel AA and Bad Bunny are now considered established stars within the genre.

Now a new wave of talent from Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela is rising and making a statement on Billboard charts, including Hot Latin Songs.

For that reason, we scoured the Hot Latin Songs chart and gathered a list of urban artists who have charted for the first time on the list in 2019. From Micro TDH and Myke Towers to Sech, meet the new Latin urban generation and listen to their first hit on the chart.

Micro TDH

Real Name: Fernando Daniel Morillo Rivas

Country: Venezuela

Background: Micro TDH is a musician, composer and singer. His start in music was at 11 years old when he began to have interests in the urban genre. In 2012, he recorded his first song with Kaba TDH and was part of The Dog House (TDH) group. He's currently signed to a record contract with the American company Big Leagues.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Te Vi” with Piso 21 peaked at No. 30 on the chart dated April 27, 2019.


Real Name: Pedro David Daleccio Torres

Country: Born in Philadelphia and raised in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico

Background: Dalex belongs to the label Rich Music. "Pa 'Mí" with Rafa Pabón is the first single from his EP La Nueva Ola. He comes from the duo Jayma and Dalex, which gave him the opportunity to learn about the music industry.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Pa Mi” with Rafa Pabón (below) peaked at No. 35 on the May 5-dated chart.

About his first Hot Latin Song: "It's an achievement. It is one of the most important charts and I also hope it is the beginning of many.”

Rafa Pabón

Real Name: Rafael Pabón

Country: Puerto Rico

Background: He started in music at an early age, entering La Escuela Libre de Música in San Juan. Rafa Pabón y El Repique is the name he uses when he performs with his band and he is currently working on his album, Inefable.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Pa Mi” with Dalex peaked at No. 35 on the May 5-dated chart.

About his first Hot Latin Song: “For me it is an extremely large achievement since I am an artist who is working independently and it makes me very symbolic to be among one of the most important charts of music."

Myke Towers

Real Name: Michael Torres

Country: Puerto Rico

Background: Myke Towers' career began in 2013 when he was signed by Young Kingz Entertainment. In 2016, he released his first mixtape, El Final del Principio, under the label G Starr Entertainment. The set contains 10 songs that follow the Latin hip-hop style. Towers has made important collaborations with Rafa Pabón, Bad Bunny, Lyanno and Lunay, among others. His music video for "Si Se Da " has more than 137 million views on YouTube.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Si Se Da” with Farruko peaked at No. 23 on the chart dated March 30.

About his first Hot Latin Song: “I found out about my first chart entry from my team. It was a surprise because I knew that the song was good but I never thought it would go so far. It means we're taking the right steps.”

El Guincho

Real Name: Pablo Diaz-Reixa

Country: Spain

Background: El Guincho has also spent many years producing music in his country and back in 2012 he did a remix of Björk's "Cosmogony." In 2016, he captivated his fans with the Hiperasia album, which fuses electro-R&B/pop rhythms.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Con Altura” with Rosalía & J Balvin peaked at No. 14 on the May 11 chart.

Jon Z

Real Name: Jonathan Resto Quiñones

Country: Puerto Rico

Background: His career started in 2014 when he started uploading freestyle videos on YouTube. Then, in 2015, Jon Z started to perform across Puerto Rico and caught the attention of Boy Wonder, who signed him to Chosen Few Emeralds Entertainment. Immediately, he released his debut mixtape.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Después Que Te Perdí” with Enrique Iglesias peaked at No. 27 on the March 30 chart.

About his first Hot Latin Song: "To be honest, this is incredible. To be my first song and it to be on this important chart is amazing. I am grateful to Enrique Iglesias and to all who have helped me to get here!"


Real Name: Jean Carlos Santiago Perez

Country: Puerto Rico

Background: His artistic name comes from the Puerto Rican expression “Guaynaa,” referring to a wealthy high-class person; although Jean Carlos comes from a humble family, his relatives and friends nicknamed him because of his charismatic personality and refined style.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Rebota” peaked at No. 35 on the chart dated March 27.

About his first Hot Latin Song: “Wow…this is incredible. 'Rebota' is my first song ever and I am very surprised and grateful with all the people who have supported my song.”


Real Name: Sech Carlos Isaías Morales Williams

Country: Panamá

Background: In April, he released “Solita” with Farruko and Zion & Lennox. The song has quickly turned into a hit, and in a month exceeded 36 million views on YouTube.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “Otro Trago” with Darell debuted and peaked at No. 41 on May 11.

Lalo Ebratt

Real Name: Eduardo Mario Ebratt

Country: Colombia

Background: Lalo Ebratt is a rapper and composer born in Santa Marta, Colombia. Lalo found his own sound after merging rhythms such as trap, Afrobeat, hip-hop, soul and funk, which are sounds that are marking a new trend in urban alternative music in the Latin market. So far, he has collaborated with Juanes, Ozuna, Sebastián Yatra and J Balvin, among others.

Hot Latin Songs hit: “La Plata” with Juanes peaked at No. 40 on March 16.


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