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Meet Ashnikko, the Rapper Carving a Lane Of Her Own With 'Stupid'

By Billboard

Ariana Grande already has a number of fragrances to her name --including Ari, Cloud, Moonlight, Frankie and Sweet Like Candy-- and on Sunday (May 5) the singer hinted on Instagram that a "thank u, next"-inspired scent may be coming soon.

"So I've been working on a 'thank u, next' fragrance," she wrote. "I can't wait for u to see/smell her...she's like 'ari' if she went to the beach one time." A coconut emoji provided another possible clue as to what the perfume might smell like.

Grande added that she may be jumping the gun with the announcement. "I'll keep u posted...I don't think I was supposed to announce this today but I'm excited and it smells divine, so f--k it....hi perfume team love u," she wrote.

Check out the post below.


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