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Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' Scores Season 4 Renewal at FX

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"The Daily Show" host was featured on "Emerging Hollywood," where they discussed comedy's role in politics, onscreen representation for black Americans & more.

"Americans use the term immigrant so broadly," Trevor Noah, a South African immigrant, tells Charlamagne tha God on The Hollywood Reporter's new original digital series, Emerging Hollywood. "When people say immigrant in America, a lot of the times what they're talking about is a person who comes here from Mexico. People don't think of Chris Hemsworth as an immigrant." (Hemsworth is from Australia.)

In the first chapter, "Where I Came From," The Daily Show host discusses the influence American media had on his childhood in South Africa and the two countries's shared history of black oppression. "What has been different for me is South Africa was a minority oppressing a majority, where in America it was the opposite. So in South Africa, once power shifted, you had a world where the black government forced people to acknowledge what had happened. It feels like Americans just ended [slavery] and then just moved on."

In chapter two, "What I'm About," Noah breaks down the current conversation surrounding reparations and racial equality. "People have managed to successfully distill [reparations] into a simple talking point, that makes it feel like it's an us versus them conversation, when in fact, it's not."

Chapter three, "Where I'm Going" Noah dives into black representation in media, saying, "You have to break it down into what's happening behind the camera? What's happening in front of the camera? What's happening in the board rooms that control the world of cameras? Those are all the pieces that define the world that we live in."

"As black creators and as black creatives, we have an obligation to our own to create our stories."

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