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Kaskade & Meghan Trainor Are Alien Superheroes in 'With You' Video: Watch

By Billboard

Kanye West brought his Sunday Service to the Coachella festival grounds on Easter Sunday (April 21), where those who were able to attend gathered around a hill in Indio, Calif. to watch him, his band and gospel choir perform.

But for those tuning into the live stream, their view was a little different -- and many immediately commented on West's choice to basically make the at-home audience peer through a telescope on the live stream.

Instead of going with the full-frame approach that Coachella's live stream has utilized for its broadcasts, West's Sunday Service got the circular treatment: as cameras flew overhead and offered different viewpoints of dancers and the band, the smaller lens honed in on individual players and occasionally West himself.

Check out reactions to West's Sunday Service -- and, specifically, his approach for the live stream -- below.

This #SundayService thing looks like a gathering of the Tethered folk from US.

— KJ (@KendraJames_) April 21, 2019

Kanye be like

— Jack (@jackgorlin) April 21, 2019

me watching Kanye’s Sunday Service rn

— HAHA CLINTON DIX SZN (@lilsuccVA) April 21, 2019

Of course Kanye has us watching #sundayservice through a telescope...

— Mike Honcho (@whoyougunnacoll) April 21, 2019

everyone who’s watching the coachella sunday service

— rae-- (@blinkianas) April 21, 2019

Me trying to watch #SundayService ----‍♀️

— JessicaLTL (@JessicaLTL) April 21, 2019

Just watching the service nbd

— Darling (@AssolutelyTrue) April 21, 2019

I've lost count of the amount of times Kanye has made me stare at random shit on a livestream #SundayService#Coachella

— Adam Gilroy (@GilroysWorld) April 21, 2019

Me watching Kanye’s services rn

— ✩ not A stone ✩ (@Arielle_Stone) April 21, 2019

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