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Chris Hemsworth Sings Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' as Fat Thor: Watch

By Billboard

It seems like collaborations are everywhere right now, with huge artists like Drake and Bad Bunny, and J Balvin and Selena Gomez teaming up to fuse their musical styles and release infectious bops.

Many Latina pop stars of the ‘90s are jumping to do the same, with the mission of catering their music to a contemporary audience. Most recently, Gloria Trevi joined forces with Karol G to sing the unfiltered urban track “Hijoepu*#" Mexican singer and actress, ThalĂ­a, has also worked with artists such as Maluma, Becky G, Natti Natasha, and Lali. Yuri, on the other hand, has a romantic pop ballad up her sleeves with Carlos Rivera.

Check out some of our favorite collaborations below.

Gloria Trev & Karol G

Gloria Trevi and Karol G joined forces on “Hijoepu*#” to deliver a catchy and unfiltered message to cheating men everywhere.

Thalia & Lali Esposito

Thalia stopped making telenovelas, but not music. She’s collaborated with Maluma, Becky G, Natti Natasha, and most recently with Lali on “Lindo Pero Bruto.”

Shakira & Maluma

Shakira, who kicked off her career in the ‘90s, switched her acoustic guitar for infectious urban melodies as seen in her two collabs with Maluma: “Chantaje” and “Clandestino.”

Yuri & Carlos Rivera

'90s pop diva Yuri has meshed her romantic vocals with Carlos Rivera’s sweet voice in the heartfelt ballad “Ya no vives en mi.”

Paulina Rubio & Nacho

Paulina Rubio also dipped her toes in urban waters, dropping her playful Spanglish collaboration with Nacho in “Desire (Me Tienes Loquita).”

Pandora & Natalia Jimenez

Natalia Jimenez teamed up with Mexican group Pandora to launch a new version of her hit “Me Muero.” Their collaboration is an elegant fusion of both generations.

Alejandra Guzman & Yandel

Giving her romantic tune “Mi Peor Error” an urban/dance twist, ‘90s rock queen Alejandra Guzman teamed up with Yandel for the remix.


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