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On Monday night’s (March 18) episode of American Idol, one contestant managed to move the judges with his story, along with blowing them away with his stellar voice. Singer Jorgie entered his audition ready to dazzle the judges and open up to the world about who he was.

The audition didn’t start off on the strongest note, though -- after introducing his band (the aptly named Jorgie and the Jorgies), the singer launched into a warbling rendition of judge Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” much to the star’s consternation. “Do I sound like I yodel?” she asked her fellow judges. “Is that my signature sound?”

Jorgie immediately said he hoped Perry wasn’t offended, since he felt a strong connection with her — the singer told her the song “I Kissed a Girl” helped inspire him to come out. “Knowing that it [same-sex relationships] could be mainstream, that helped me so much,” he told the judge.

After revealing that his father didn’t know he was out, Jorgie launched into an original song entitled “Heaven,” which he told the judges was about a boy he had a crush on who also didn’t know about his identity. “He won’t think twice about me/ But boy if he did/ My life would be heaven,” he sang.

The judges were clearly taken with the star’s smooth falsetto and deft runs, giving him a unanimous three “yes” votes and sending him through to Hollywood Week. “When I say you nailed it, I mean to the point awe,” judge Lionel Richie told the singer. “I loved what you just did.”

Watch Jorgie’s full American Idol audition below:


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