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YK Osiris on Making 'Worth It,' Advice From Meek Mill and Living Drug Free

By Billboard

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, comes a young newcomer in the R&B game who hopes to sing his way to stardom. YK Osiris (the YK stands for “Young King”) won his way into the hearts of his supporters with his romantic single “Valentine” last year. After plucking away at heartstrings his first go-round, Osiris raised the temperature with his home-run single “Worth It.” On the chart dated March 2, “Worth It” debuted at No. 87 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has since risen. This week, “Worth It” sits at No. 73.

Osiris only began making music about a year ago. After his “I’m Next (Freestyle)" clocked in more than 4 million views on YouTube, Osiris chased after his lifelong dream of being a music artist with full-force.

“Music was all I had,” he told Billboard. “I didn’t have no plan B, or plan C, or plan D.” With a deal with Def Jam, co-signs from Drake and Meek Mill (he made a cameo in Meek’s “Going Bad” video) and a debut project on the way, YK Osiris is definitely the one to watch.

The singer recently spoke with Billboard about the success of his new single, why he doesn’t do drugs, and what makes him different.

Your song “Worth It” is moving up on the Hot 100. How are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling good. My song is on the Hot 100 right now, but it’s more to come. I’m building more, and more songs are about to drop. It’s going from here. It’s no stopping right now. I’m trying to hit No. 1. I’m satisfied, I’m feeling good, but I’m not comfortable. We’re gonna get No. 1. I’m going to be No. 1.

I know you’re known for freestyling. Was “Worth It” a freestyle as well?

I did “Worth It” in 30 minutes. I freestyled it.

You can really hear the emotion in that song -- where was your head at the time? Were you going through something specifically?

I was just hungry. I wanted it. I made “Worth It” a year ago. I did like five songs in an hour that day. I knew “Worth It” was going to be crazy.

You’ve mentioned that you only recently started doing music. Was this always the plan, or did you see it as more of a sudden golden opportunity and you went after it?

I started doing music like a year ago. To be honest with you, music was all I had. I didn’t have no plan B, or plan C, or plan D. That’s the bad part, but also the good part because I wanted it so bad. If it weren’t for this, I would have just been broke. I just went with it.

You don’t do drugs or drink. Do you feel that lifestyle helps you on this path?

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do any drugs, I don’t pop pills. I like to keep my body clean because I like being focused. Drugs kill people and I’m not trying to die at a young age. I’m just trying to have my mind focused to get views and make hits. It’s made my life better, you know? I’m focused and I’m making money. It’s working out for me.

How has your family reacted to all of this?

My family is all good. My momma’s good, my sister’s good. I’m about to buy my sister a car and I just bought my momma a car. Everybody’s good. They knew this was going to happen because I was always passionate. I always wanted it. I told my momma I was going to make it before I turned 18 and I did.

Who is someone who has really taken you under their wing so far in the game?

Meek Mill. We linked up a few weeks ago. He taught me to keep going. He’s like, “You’re a star. Go crazy and keep doing your thing.” He’s a big artist so I appreciated all the advice.

There’s a lot of young people coming up in this game. What do you think makes you different from the rest?

There’s a lot of rappers right now but honestly not a lot of singers like me. I’m young and I’m singing, going crazy and hitting Billboard. I just started in the game. I’m going crazy with the streams on Apple and I’m top 40 on the urban charts.

This has been a crazy year for you and so much has changed.

This is God’s plan. It was time and it happened. A year ago, I didn’t have money like that. Me as a person, I didn’t change. I’m still the same person with the goofy personality. I’m still the same person but with more money, period. I’m not switching up.


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