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By Billboard

Some songs tell a very specific story. Others open into vast stretches of possibility. Jai Wolf's "This Song Reminds Me Of You" is one of the second. It's soft and uplifting, driving and exploratory, and yet it lives in a limitless world without any kind of boundary.

With its jangling guitars, sweeping synths and repetitive melodic structure, it sounds perfect for a vocal, but the musician left it as an instrumental. It's a power move we really appreciate. We can't help writing our own story in our heads.

“I started this song at an airport at 5 am," the producer is quoted in a press release. "I was about to head out on a bus tour and felt really excited, so I wanted the song to capture that exact feeling. I usually never write at this tempo, so it was fun to try something new. It’s definitely the most upbeat song on the album."

"This Song Reminds Me Of You" is the fourth single from Jai Wolf's forthcoming debut studio album, The Cure To Loneliness, due out Friday, April 5 on Mom + Pop. What magical world will it conjur for you?

Press play on "This Song Reminds Me Of You" below, and let your fantasies take shape.


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