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Colombian Musician & Bandleader Carlos 'Cuco' Rojas Dies at 67

By Billboard

Elle King proved she can make us shake while performing her latest rockin' single, “Shame,” on Tuesday night’s (March 12) Late Late Show.

The singer commanded Stage 56 wearing an all-black ensemble with a pop-of-red on her lips as she danced to the mid-tempo beat and belted the mischievous lyrics. “Shame, shame, shame, shame/ Mama doesn't know, ooh/ Every night you go to/ Shame, shame, shame, shame/ Devil woman wants to roll, ooh/ I can make you shake/ Rattle your bones,” she sang with backing from her swinging live band.

The L.A. native told Billboard last October that the song -- the first single off of her 2018 album, Shake the Spirit -- was inspired by her own "bad" behavior. “I was kind of a bad kid,” King said. “I got kicked out of, like, every school that I went to. I wasn't the parents’ favorite friend [for their kids], I was 100 percent a bad influence. I've always kind of known that. I've always gone harder than everybody else.”

Watch King perform “Shame” on The Late Late Show below.


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