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Travis Scott, Cardi B, Skrillex to Help The Palms Launch New KAOS Club With All-Star Las Vegas Weekend

By Billboard

Kodak Black to the rescue. During a Wednesday night joyride, the Pompano Beach native noticed a commotion off to the side of the road, which ended up being a flipped-over vehicle with two women inside. Kodak got out of his car and went to check on the girls, all the while recording the encounter on his Instagram Live.

"You all right? You OK? Want me to help you?" Kodak asked. After helping the pair to safety, one actually recognized the star rapper, who confirmed he was Kodak Black. Once the 21-year-old saw they were OK, he relayed that someone was about to call the police to handle the rest of the matter.

One of the women involved didn't seem too enthused about the idea, pleading with him not to alert law enforcement. 'I just wanted to see if you were straight and pull you out the car. God bless you," Kodak said, before heading off while singing along to Aaliyah's "Try Again."

Watch the remarkable exchange below.


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