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Pop's Comeback Continues With Shawn Mendes, But Hip-Hop Still Rules Streaming: Chart Beat Podcast

By Billboard

One blustery January afternoon in a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi -- the brothers behind the duo Rae Sremmurd -- hotly debate outfits in one of four trailers sprawled along a tree-lined street. Swae Lee eventually unburdens himself of the paradox of choice in the jewelry department, slapping on two equally diamond-encrusted watches at the same time.

The brothers, who released their third album SR3MM in 2018 and are set to release a fourth project this year, are taking a break between shooting scenes for a new campaign for Sprite Lymonade. The drink, which was unveiled today (Feb. 28), is exactly what it sounds like: Sprite with a splash of lemonade.

In fact, it was the citrus twist that went on to inspire the light-hearted commercial, which depicts the brothers hanging out with friends while trying to find new inspiration for a stale beat. When one of their friends accidentally steps on a dog toy, the room suddenly realizes the squeak from the toy is exactly what was missing. “It’s about how one small change can make something completely new,” explains Swae Lee of how the commercial paralleled the duo’s own creative process.

“Mike WiLL produced the Creed II soundtrack and we’re both on it,” continues Jxmmi. “I have a song with Crime Mobb ['We Can Hit (Round 10)'] and I just took the last four bars off and said, 'Oh, you acting up,' and that changed the game. That’s the lemonade in the Sprite."

The duo also collaborated with Sprite on the “Get Vocal” campaign to raise voting awareness last year, and fondly remember the brand’s hip-hop centered campaigns dating back to the mid-90s. “Sprite knows the culture, so they know what’s influential. Hip-hop music is the biggest genre out there, so it’s really a no brainer if you’re trying to reach people,” says Swae Lee of how the collaboration came about. “Yeah, we basically just brought our vibe, they brought their vibe and it was a delicious vibe, like the drink,” adds Jxmmi with a laugh.

Rae Sremmurd will be starring in Sprite Lymonade’s first television commercial, debuting this March.


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