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Modest Mouse Share New Track, 'Poison The Well': Listen

By Billboard

Reggie Watts is a beloved musician, beatboxer and comedian. John Tejada is a touring DJ and producer with more than 20 years of experience rockin' crowds and remixing The Postal Service, Kevin Saunderson and more. Together, they become Wajatta, a joyous, invigorating twosome with all the skills to whip a crowd of house hipsters to a screaming, dancing hoard.

The pair is booked to play CRSSD's Spring 2019 festival in San Diego -- going down Saturday and Sunday, March 2 and 3, in San Diego, with tickets here-- but before they do, Billboard Dance caught up with the friends to hear a collection of their favorite old-school house tunes.

Watts and Tejada break these grooves down in the list below.

LFO - "Freeze"

John: The debut album by LFO still resonates strongly to this day as an influence. It was so ahead of its time and so unique it still completely stands on it’s own. I still play this track in sets quite a bit.

The Orb - "Little Fluffy Clouds" (Cumulo Nimbus Mix)

Reggie: There was nothing like the Orb when their first album was released. A new genre; “ambient house.” What a great new idea, mixing almost every influence together for the after-after party. This is a remix by Pal Joey who is an East Coast legend. Classic.

Recloose - "Soul Clap 2000"

John: Recloose’s second single for Planet E still holds up as a classic. All tracks on this EP are great. His sound drew in and expressed such a wide range of influences. A Detroit classic.

Orbital - "Fahrenheit 303"

Reggie: From Orbital’s first album, also referred to as The Green Album. "Fahrenheit 303" showcases everything I love about early Orbital. Classic chords, acid and a minimal sound only they could pull off at the time. The Green Album still inspires to this day.

Robag Wruhme - "Wuzzelbud FF"

John: A newer classic. Robag is one of my favorite modern producers. His new album Wuzzelbud FF was probably my favorite of 2018. It’s unique, off-kilter house production at its finest.

Nuff Pedals - "Swollen Minds"

John: I love testing sound systems to this track. On an EP of housier jams, this downtempo opener just begs to be cranked loud to test the subwoofers.

Soundstream - "Flash Back"

John: Another favorite modern producer. "Flash Back" is classic Soundstream starting off with what you might expect and ending up in a mangled mess. It’s so simple, yet so inventive. No one does it like Soundstream.

JohNick - "Don’t Stop"

John: Another East Coast classic. I still play this track all the time. It sounds as fresh today as when it came out back in '95.

STL - "Silent State"

Reggie: STL’s lo-fi style gets a little more polished on this one from 10 years ago. It’s a haunting, punchy yet beautiful track. It’s always a great one for playing out or home listening. STL at his finest.

Trevino - "Eclipse"

John: My good friend who I miss dearly was a true genius. He was so diverse and talented. “Eclipse” perfectly encapsulates his wide influences of techno, early UK house and breaks constructed to perfection. A huge track that always delivers.


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