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Everything Halsey Has Ever Said About BTS

By Billboard

What does space sound like? Technically, it's a vacuum, so it doesn't sound like much at all, but if we could make melodies out of its astral wonders, we'd find ourselves dancing to Matt Lange's latest single, "Space Between."

The progressive, moody producer knows nebulas noise. He previously created and licensed music for films, incuding Ready Player One and Blade Runner 2049. On "Space Between," he reaches a new melodic pinnacle with something downright danceable with a strong, infectious foundation. It features vocals from Canadian singer Deniz Reno, with whom Lange wrote the song on a week-long creative retreat in September of 2018.

"Deniz offered a beautiful and ethereal pop sensibility that married elegantly with my blend of synths, machines, and cello," Lange tells Billbaord Dance. "[It's] our first born of triplets, if you will."

Does that insinuate that there are a couple more tunes from Lange and Reno to come? We do know "Space Between" is the first single from Lange's forthcoming album of the same name. It's out now on deadmau5's label mau5trap. Float into its interstellar dimensions below.


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