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The Doobie Brothers Set 50th Anniversary Tour of North America

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Detroit-based alt-pop musician Flint Eastwood’s latest EP, This Coping Mechanism for a Broken Heart, is just that; it’s an antidote for her love hangover. The six-song collection, which dropped late last year, was written in a 48-hour writing binge after the singer (née Jax Anderson) experienced her first real breakup. On the EP’s latest single, “Sober,” Anderson changes perspective and looks at her relationship through a new lens.

“It's very easy to point the finger at someone else and not realize that you're the one being belligerent,” Anderson explains to Billboard. “I wanted to toy with the concept of someone who thinks they know the score -- doesn't everybody? -- when in reality, the other person is watching a whole different game. I'm saying, ‘Don't call me until you're sober, until you can control yourself,’ when really, it's possible that I'm out of control too and don't even know it. Some people hide behind drinks, I hid behind a song.”

The “Sober” video, premiering on Billboard today (Feb. 11), follows Anderson on a binge through a moody dive bar. The visual was co-directed by Anderson herself and collaborator Kurt Schneider.

Tonight, Anderson finished a tour run supporting Poppy in Atlanta before heading to Australia for a string of festival and headlining dates.

Check out the “Sober” music video below.


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