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The Raconteurs Announce 'Help Us Stranger,' First New Album in 11 Years

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The venue said they would no longer share times in a bid to "support all bands that play [there]"

London venue The 100 Club have announced that they will no longer announce set times for their shows.

The Oxford Street venue made the announcement on Twitter earlier today (February 11), sparking debate amongst its followers.

“The 100 Club is no longer giving out stage times to any gig we put on,” read the announcement. “We want to support all bands that play here and so would like people to watch the support acts too. It’s a great way to discover new music.”

Some praised the venue for the move, heralding it as a space that “has always been a showcase for breaking bands.” Others, however, pointed out that stage times help those travelling from outside of London, with children, or with work to plan their evenings.

Some Twitter users also noted that the new policy could create problems for people with disabilities or those who suffer from anxiety. “This policy is really not good for disabled people, who may rely on stage times in order to a) organise transport and b) may not be able to just hang out for the entire time,” one person tweeted. “Having a disability and accessing venues is an exercise in planning, which imo this policy disrupts.”

In a reply, venue staff said they were “taking on board what people are saying and will make a further statement later this week.” They promised that those with health issues “will not be adversely affected.”

The announcement follows Slaves’ divisive comments last year about not posting set times for their shows. “We were the support once,” they explained. “We wouldn’t be here if nobody turned up to watch us. So turn up when your ticket says and you’ll be fine.”

Fans again pointed out that that approach was often unrealistic for those with other commitments, while others suggested turning up early meant you might see “your new favourite band.”

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