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John Lennon, Yoko Ono Film In the Works With Jean-Marc Vallee Directing

By Billboard

Tierra Whack stopped to chat with Billboard’s Desire Thompson on the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 10), discussing her Grammy nomination, where her inspiration comes from, and more.

Asked how it felt to be nominated for Best Music Video for “Mumbo Jumbo,” Whack tells Billboard, “To be honest, it didn't feel real, it felt like a joke…but right now I'm still just kind of floating.”

As for where the inspiration came from for that video, she reveals, “To be honest, it's just all in my head. That's why it's my world, it's just everything that I've ever been through or I've witnessed, like my friends or family go through. I just put it all into one thing.”

Whack is also posed with the question of how she feels about the growth and variety hip-hop is seeing now among female artists. “The growth is amazing because you have every type of artist, female artist,” she states. “Last night I was just talking to Asian Doll, I've been keeping up with Rico Nasty, Noname, Kash Doll, like any person you can think of, we're keeping in contact…we all respect each other. Like it's just one big circle of love.”

You can watch the full video interview with Tierra Whack above.

2019 Grammy Awards


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