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Tyga Bails On His Wedding in 'Bop' Video Featuring Blueface & YG: Watch

By Billboard

Is it possible for people to change? Can brutal beasts become charming princes? Feed Me proves he can still surprise fans with his lstest single. "Feel Love" is a downright beautiful, touching, groove-alicious house tune featuring whipsery vocals from Rosie Doonan. She's previously collaborated with Peter Gabriel, if that gives you some kind of insight into where this tune is coming from.

It's a new day for Feed Me, who usually brings biting dubstep and drum-n-bass vibes. "Feel Love" is melodic and ethereal, something for fans to sing along to, and certainly a new bright spot on Feed Me's future performances. The single stands as the lead single for his forthcoming album High Street Creeps, named after a 1980s pheasant poaching ring in the producer's native Hertfordshire.

High Street Creeps is due Feb. 22 on mau5trap. It's currently available for preorder. A second single titled "Sleepless" is scheduled for release Friday, Feb. 15. Watch the visualizer for "Feel Love" featuring Rosie Doonan below.


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