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Pop's Comeback Continues With Shawn Mendes, But Hip-Hop Still Rules Streaming: Chart Beat Podcast

By Billboard

As his Injured Generation Tour comes to a close, A$AP Rocky decided to continue his theme of experimental visuals with a music video for his Testing deep cut "Kids Turned Out Fine" on Wednesday (Feb. 6).

The soothing instrumental allows listeners' minds to drift into another dimension. Dexter Navy helms the clip to bring Rocky's trippy vision to life. A diverse group of kids are shown throughout the video having to deal with certain challenges thrown their way prior to having those experiences propel them into adulthood.

"I heard about all of the long trials in life/ All the drugs on my mind/ All the troubles I can find/ Still I smile/ The kids will be all right, just fine," the Harlem native rhymes on the chorus to capture the embodiment of the refreshing video.

During a recent sit-down with Big Boy's Neighborhood, Rocky detailed how being sober has impacted his creativity and even gave Soulja Boy major props for inspiring him. "If it wasn't for Soulja Boy, A$AP Rocky probably wouldn't be around," Rocky said.

For now, check out the "Kids Turned Out Fine" video below.


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