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NCT 127 'Wakey Wakey' Up the World in New Japanese Music Video: Watch

By Billboard

K-pop girl group CLC returned today (Jan. 30) with their first new single of 2019. "No" declares their intent to have no compromises when it comes to being themselves.

A charismatic dance track with a thumping bassline dominating, "No" stars with Seungyeon deadpanning her rejection of fashion accessories that someone may try to gift a woman to make them "become more beautiful." She leads into the song's sleek rebuttal of “No” to anyone who has ever tried to make a woman be something other than what they are. "I love me, I like it," declares Elkie in the first chorus.

The song is immensely meta, with Yujin’s line, "'Innocent,' 'sexy' and 'cute,' single words like that can't possibly express who I am” appearing as a nod to the idea of K-pop girl group's are often conceptualized by a single style. CLC has historically switched between stylistic identities, but saw great support last year for their confident “Black Dress.”

The accompanying music video is similarly assured in its intent to show who CLC is and who they're not, with the seven members staring down the camera in a variety of luxe settings while hosting a funeral for the accessories in question. Like the lyrics, there are moments when the music video feels directly aimed as a clapback against haters, particularly when CLC’s name appears in Thai alongside Thai member Sorn, coming at a time when racism against Thai K-pop stars has made headlines.

The song fronts CLC’s No. 1 EP, and was written by (G)I-dle’s Soyeon. “No” was released nearly a year since last February’s “Black Dress.” An EP of the same name peaked at No. 7 on the World Albums chart last year.

Watch the music video for CLC's "No" below.


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