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'American Idol' Top Five Make Their Final Arguments to Voters: Exclusive

By Billboard

Lil Mosey's "Yoppa" originally served as a standout single from the Seattle-bred rapper's Northsbest project to close out 2018. The "Pull Up" artist returned Tuesday (Jan. 29) with a video for the Blocboy JB-assisted tune. The cinematic clip finds the pair of emerging MCs as employees of Northsbest Mattresses, but they have different plans for the shop.

After being berated by their boss for the last time, he finally heads out for the night. Mosey and the Memphis native lock up the store and turn the place into their own trap house. Three people sneak in through the employee entrance to purchase briefcases of what they believe are weapons, which hilariously end up actually being water guns.

The fired-up duo celebrate the swindle by making it rain inside the store's office to finish out the RaheemisBlind-directed video. "Yeah, 30 'round my neck, my jewels water like saline/ And my life be movin' fast like I'm in a movie, ayy/ We don't fuck around, so we holding .223," the 17-year-old raps.

Watch the "Yoppa" video below.


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