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By Billboard

The world of pop music is sometimes fluffy and contrived, but there's something about 24-year-old Halsey's delivery that hits hard and sticks in your head. Her signature coo is instantly recognizable and boosted by a strong sense of independence, even as she sings about the trials and triumphs of modern love. She quite famously dated rapper G-Eazy, but when that love went sour, she followed the news with "Without Me," a tune that is rumored to speak about the doomed relationship and since went on to give the singer her first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 as a lead artist.

It's not a new spot for the singer. She previously topped the charts alongside The Chainsmokers with "Closer," and she continues to inspire electronic producers across the spectrum. Of course, when someone has a No. 1 hit, they're bound to catch the ear of producers and cover singers across genres. Below, we honor our favorite takes on Halsey's "Without Me."

Halsey - "Without Me" (Illenium Remix)

Illenium is widely recognized for his melodic, emotional take on dance-pop. His sound lives at the intersection of pop punk ballads and future bass, but his remix of Halsey's "Without Me" takes a strong lean into acoustic moods. A strong sensual build brings listeners toward an intimate climax, giving the song a good blend of live playability and at-home listening perfection.

Halsey - "Without Me" (Greg Gontier Cover)

YouTube singer Greg Gontier brings a thoughtfulness to his "Without Me" performance, backed by a simple piano arrangement that gives his emotional vocal performance a strong spotlight.

Halsey - "Without Me" (Nurko & Miles Away Remix)

If you thought "Without Me" could do with an added 20 percent of emotional grandeur, this remix from Nurko and Miles Away hits the mark. It's graceful and soft to the touch, but reaches higher melodic peaks thanks to added, shimmering synth melodies.

Halsey - "Without Me" (Sam Tsui, Shannon K, KHS Cover)

This three-way vocal cover brings an imaginative twist to the familiar hit. The moody saxophone adds new dimension to the heartbreaking melody, and the electronic beat keeps heads bumping.

Halsey - "Without Me" (Renzyx Remix)

We finish our list with a high-energy remix that pumps the jam up about 100 levels. It's nearly a happy hard-core take, but the beat kicks in halftime to get hips moving in slow motion just as soon as it blasts your ears with rainbow brightness.


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