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By Billboard

A solo ballad by BTS singer Jimin has broken SoundCloud's record for biggest 24-hour debut. According to the Berlin-based platform, Jimin's "Promise" was streamed 8.5 million times within its first day after being shared Dec. 31 -- easily besting the previous record held by Drake's "Duddy Freestyle," which topped out at 4.9 million.

Jimin's "Promise" has since doubled its play count, with over 16.3 million streams as of Friday (Jan. 4). The acoustic guitar-driven track is currently No. 2 on SoundCloud's all-genre Top 50 chart and is No. 1 on the "New & hot" playlist.

"Promise" is Jimin's first non-album solo single, though he released "Lie" on 2016's Wings and "Serendipity" in a shortened version on last year's Love Yourself: Her and a longer one on this year's chart-topping Love Yourself: Answer. The song was composed by Jimin and Slow Rabbit, with lyrics co-written by Jimin and RM.

Following its release, both the terms "Jimin" and "Promise" trended worldwide on Twitter for several hours.

By releasing his new song on the last day of the year, Jimin became the third BTS member to drop original solo music in 2018, following J-Hope’s mixtape Hope World and RM’s mono. playlist.

"Everyone, you've waited a long time, right?" Jimin said on Twitter shortly after sharing a link to the song. "I finally shared my own song with the public. This is a song for me, as it is a song for you. It's the first time and it is still premature but please enjoy it. Thank you for waiting, ARMY."


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