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By Billboard

Rising star award recipient Hayley Kiyoko spoke with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs and Tetris Kelly on the pink carpet at the 13th annual Women in Music event, chatting about her performance with Taylor Swift and she teased a possible collaboration with Lauren Jauregui.

Speaking of her joint performance with Taylor Swift on Wednesday night (Dec. 5) at the Ally Coalition talent show, Kiyoko told Billboard that the pop superstar texted her ahead of the event and said she would be there, asking if she could be her special guest.

“She’s so kind and so much fun and it was just so wonderful that she took the time to come out and sing with me and be a part of the incredible night raising money for the LGBTQ shelters, and so it was really cool,” Kiyoko said.

The singer was then asked what her most “awe-struck” moment has been so far, and she noted that being honored at Women In Music was one of them. “This is definitely an awe-struck moment,” she replied. “I think this whole year, I’ve just been kind of going through the motions, but the emotions have really been hitting me this week. I’ve been crying…cause it’s just nice to be listened to and recognized and validated.”

Kiyoko is also asked if there is a Lauren Jauregui collaboration coming any time soon, to which she replied that there very well might be. “I feel like when you’re friends, having collaborations is always a possibility,” she said. “She’s incredible, she’s always been very supportive of my music and it’s just really cool to have her be giving me this award.”

You can watch the full video interview with Hayley Kiyoko above.

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