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BTS Fans Flip Out Over 'Love Yourself: Answer' Album Announcement: See the Tweets

By Billboard

Simon Cowell is the guy we love to hate, known for his ruthless judging on the countless singing competition he has lent his opinion to. But it's just that brutal not holding anything back that has led to the success of major X Factor veterans One Direction and Fifth Harmony.

On Tuesday night (July 10), Cowell stopped America's Got Talent contestant Hunter Price in the middle of his audition, citing a "generic" feel about his cover of Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)." Price's original song however landed him a green light into the next round.

From arguing with contestants to just straight up sarcasm, see below for five more of Simon Cowell most himself moments.

Stopping another audition in favor of an original.

A little quip at fellow judge Demi Lovato.

Kicking a contestant off the show for his attitude.

Remaining unbothered by a teenage girl's attitude.

Helping a little girl feel better after Piers Morgan makes her cry.


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