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Songwriters & singers - I’ll bring the gold out of you & your songs

By Uri Kabiri (Reading time: 0 minutes)
Songwriters & singers - I’ll bring the gold out of you & your songs


Songwriters & singers - I’ll bring the gold out of you & your songs


Hey, my name is Uri Kabiri, and I’m a vocal producer from Nashville with a ton of experience working with different kinds of singers and with different kinds of commercial music and commercial songs. I will work with you at home or come with you to a recording studio to help you perfect your lead vocal takes, and teach you and/or the backing vocalist/s creative backing vocals to compliment your songs. I have so much to contribute to you as a singer and/or a songwriter. I can help you write/develop hit songs, teach you about delivery, energy, meaning behind the music and lyrics, teach you special techniques and help you feel relaxed when singing at the studio.
I’ve had my recording studio for 34 years, working with all kinds of singers, actors, voice over artists and even singing models, singing in all genres of songs, musicals, jingles, you name it.
People say about me that I can bring the gold out of everyone. A lot of times it’s extremely hard to bring out the gold out of stars/celebrities/divas and I’ve proven that with me it’s very doable.
You wouldn’t believe some messages I get:
Person 1: “Hi” (is this a chat room? Spill it :) ).
Person 2: “I’m interested” (Sweet. in what?).
Person 3: “I want you to help me” (Well, I kinda figured that, since you answered my post. Whatcha need?).
Person 4: “I saw your ad” (Cool, now we both saw it. What do you need help with?)
I’m not mocking anyone, but you have to agree we could have done it more efficiently. Other messages give me all the details I need to know if I’m a good fit for the job.

The following links all demonstrate the BEFORE and AFTER stages of several songs I’ve produced, in several genres.
Most of these songs were sung by non-singers, which makes my work harder but so much more rewarding.
It’s one thing making a great singer greater, but it is pretty much a miracle to turn a non-singer into pure gold.

Each Youtube clip will have a short written explanation (in RED) of what people brought me and then the following clip will have a short written explanation (in GREEN) of what I’ve done with it or changed about it :
All of these songs were recorded at my studio in Israel, before I relocated to Nashville and they’re in Hebrew, but music is an international language, and emotions are emotions everywhere, and I prefer working in English, cuz everything sounds better in English.

Ota Ahaha - Non singer - Pop turns to Rock.
First draft:

Mix version:

Tachlif - Non singer - Pop
Rough draft:

Mix version:

Hello Hello - A duo of non-singer sisters - Dance
Rough draft:

Mix version:

Gam Li Vegam Lach - Non singer - Singer-Songwriter
First draft:

Mix version:

Eifo At - Wannabe rapper (verses) and an amateur singer (choruses) - Pop/Rap/R&B crossover
First draft:

Mix version:

Shuva Habayta - 7 singers - Pop/Anthem
Rough draft:

mix version:

The video clip (you see me in the beginning and towards the end, at the studio, with a purple/white/Blue sweater):

Enjoy !


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